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دوشنبه 29 مرداد 1397
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Iran is one of the leading countries in the world in terms of building stone resources and is first rank of the world in terms of stone color variations. These God-given resources are spread throughout the vast expanses of Iran from north to south and from east to west. RJexim is affiliated to Mobtakeran shakhes pars Company and is one of the leading brands in export of decorative type of stone in Iran which started in 2005 and since that year has begun export to China, India, Persian Gulf, Russia and several other countries and this path continues. This group is one of the leading and active companies in exporting block in the world and is currently one of the largest and most successful suppliers and exporters of blocks, slabs, tiles and strips of all kinds of marmarit, travertine, limestone, Marble and granite with the finest modern stone-cutting machinery. RJexim Trading, with its travertine, marble and limestone mines, is partnering with global markets and Asian and European countries to export these stones in blocks, slabs and tiles. With expert team in building stone export, we invite you to come to RJexim mines and factories and view all kinds of Iranian quarries, make a deliberate and precise choice. It is our honor to help the customer achieve our goals by providing a quality product. We provide this service by providing expert advice and providing all the information we need to help our clients make the right decision based on their project and budget. We are here to help you, so contact us to guide you.

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