White Travertine
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Atkokuh stone is one of the most beautiful stones of Travertine stone and due to its suitable quality, it is valuable. It is available in two colors: white and cream.

Abbas Abad stone is one of the best, most famous and quality stones in Iran. It has various types of stone and its pricing is based on the type of stone, the quality of the cut and the size of the stone. Due to the great diversity in Abbas Abad stone it is not possible to display its varieties.
You can obtain your desired stone by sending us your required stone image or visiting our stone warehouses in Iran.

The travertine stone of the Dare bokhari has a light creamy texture to the chocolate with regular waves and a beautiful twist. High gloss and transparency and low porosity are the most important features of the Travertine Dare bokhari.

Haji Abad Travertine Stone is often cut and processed in a waveless form. This stone has various types and its pricing is determined by the size, design and size of the stone.

You can find the stone you need by visiting the Rjexim stone warehouse.

Abgarm travertine stone is considered to be a travertine cream colored stone and has a high degree of strength and can be used in classical terms.
This stone is also produced in different types such as: olive cream stone, spa wave stone, abgarm black seed stone, abgarm wavy stone.
You can find out the price of this stone by contacting the experts at RJexim Collection.

Abyaneh Travertine has a light cream, dark cream to beige color range which is often cut wirelessly and is well suited for building facades, Roman and classic facades. The Abyaneh travertine stone is very similar to the Atashkuh travertine in color and design.

دیدگاه های ارسال شده توسط شما، پس از تایید مدیر سایت در وب سایت منتشر خواهد شد.
پیام هایی که حاوی تهمت یا افترا باشد منتشر نخواهد شد.
پیام هایی که به غیر از زبان فارسی یا غیر مرتبط با خبر باشد منتشر نخواهد شد.