Dehbid Marble
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Dehbid marble stone is one of the best marble stones in the world. Because it has all the criteria of a high quality marble stone, especially floor stone. It is one of the luxurious stones for interior decoration and paving and Dehbid marble is the first choice for most of the designers and builders. Dehbid stone is widely used in the building's facade because it has both suitable price and high quality, including exported Iranian marble. This beautiful and luxurious stone has a variety of colors ranging from light to dark and is widely regarded by interior designers and employers because of its stunning beauty, reasonable price and high quality. Dehbid stone can be produced in different sorts, with its superior quality and impressive beauty.

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Dehbid stone mines are:

  1. Chah Morghi Dehbid(Main)
  2. Shayan Dehbid
  3. Zare Dehbid
  4. Angoorak Dehbid
  5. Aryan Dehbid
  6. Hasan Abad Dehbid
  7. Ahrar Dehbid
  8. Samin Dehbid
  9. Kooh Sefid Dehbid
  10. Dehbid Pearls (Nescafe)
  11. Black Dehbid (Spider)
  12. Chehrak
  13. Diplomat
  14. Simakan


All of these stone mines are located in an area called the Korean Khorram Bid Road and so-called cream-colored rocks of the Dehbid marble area. The stones in this area often have similar analysis and different appearance.

The salient features of Dehbid stone are:
1. High strength
2. High erosion resistance
3. Low water absorption percentage
4. Ability to abrasion and high transparency
5. Unique colors and designs

Dehbid stones are often creamy and light in different designs, but they all have ability to abrasion, high strength and low water absorption.

Generally Dehbid stones have 6 colors:
1. Light white cream
2. Simple cream
3. Beige cream
4. Patterned cream
5. Chimonanthus cream
6. Black
the light Dehbid stones without streak have more fans and the beige and patterned colors have their own fans.

Chah Morghi Dehbid stone: The Chah Morghi Dehbid stone or that main Dehbid stone is one of the purest and brightest stones of the Dehbid stones and is mostly exported raw. Chah Morghi Dehbid stone is more expensive than other Dehbid stones.


Shayan Dehbid stone:

Shayan Dehbid stone is the first rank of extraction, processing and production, with a light cream-to-dark color which the major problem of Shayan Dehbid stone is different sort of this stone. Shayan Dehbid stone is one of the best-selling dehbid stones.

Zare Dehbid stone:

Zare dehbid stone is cream to dark cream color. This stone has different sorts and the superior sort of Zare Dehbid stone is similar to Chah morghi Dehbid stone. Characteristic of this stone which distinguishes it from the Shayan and chah morghi is the crystalline veins in the stone.


Angoorak Dehbid stone:

Angoorak Dehbid Stone has a bright background that can see flowers like grape branches or yellow cat paws and pale orange in it.


Aryan Dehbid Stone:

Aryan dehbid stone has a creamy color near to gray and it characterized flowers so-called icy flowers. Aryan Dehbid has different sorts and the lower ones have black and yellow veins.


Hasan Abad Dehbid:

Hasan Abad dehbid stone has a cream color theme with white crystalline veins scattered over it. Hasan Abad dehbid stone has excellent ability to erosion and sort of this stone is less than other dehbid stones.

Samin Dehbid Stone:

Samin Dehbid Stone is one of the new extracted Dehbid stones. Samin Dahbid has a creamy color and scattered white flowers so-called white cannabis in it.

Kooh sefid Dehbid:

The Kooh Sefid Dehbid has a light color near to white that is the brightest among the Dehbid stones, but it is slightly porous and absorbs water more than other Dehbid stones.

Pearl Dehbid:

The pearl dehbid stone is dark cream to beige with white crystalline veins. Nescafe Dehbid Stone or Pearl Dehbid has its fans because of special color and warmth.


Black Dehbid or Spider Dehbid:

It has a dark color near to black and narrow golden and cream lines are similar to spider scattered on its surface. Black dehbid stone has different sorts.

This difference between dehbid stones can be seen in the superior and unique sorts while all of these stones have several different sorts and determining the type and degree of stone is a very specialized and technical task.

Dehbid stone grading:

Dehbid stones are extracted from different mines and each of these mines has several sorts and each one has different prices. The grading of the dehbid stones is determined by the background color, purity, lack of vein, purify and finally quality of processing.


Parameters determining the degree and quality of dehbid stone:

1 . Without cracks and rot

2..  Precise sort and minimum color match

3 . Suitable stone thickness

  1. The dimension of stone

5 .  Abrasion stone

6 .  Incomplete stone edge

7 .  How to pack and transport stones


Export Dehbid stone

RJexim Stone Industries has been exporting block and raw marble stones to various countries, especially China since 1387.

Also this factory with up-to-date equipment and devices, Dehbid marble stones with premium and unique sorts, export as slabs and tiles with suitable price to different points of the world, including: Germany, Russia, UAE, Oman, China.

Contact Rjexim complex for advice and purchase of Dehbid stone as blocks, slabs and tiles

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